Company Profile

Company Profile

With our headquarters in Nairobi, Greencare Limited provides superior “all in one house” environmental solutions. We focus on three main aspects in the conduct of business i.e. SET

SERVICE:We believe that the customer is king. It is for this reason that we have made it our paramount objective to provide exemplary service to our customers.

ENVIRONMENT: We say a big YES to sustainable environment activities and are dedicated to provision of environmental solutions

TECHNOLOGY: We apply our resources in research to ensure that the services provided aretechnologically sound and eco-friendly.

a)The Edge

People and the environment are the reason we exist as a business. Greencare Limited brings a fresh and innovative approach to environmental management ensuring there is harmony between man and nature. The company delivers beyond the expectations of its clients by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value.

At Greencare Limited, we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to manage environmental problems at our clients’ homes, places of work, recreational places, pets and livestock housing and all their surroundings.

Greencare has an expert team of dedicated, motivated and passionate employees, willing to listen and go the extra mile to deliver to its clients. They are also innovative and will customize service provision to meet the client needs at all times because our operations are SET just for you.


b)Corporate information

  • Office:         Greencare Ltd.
  • Address:      60714, 00200. Nairobi—KENYA.
  • Street:         Outering Road, Old Donholm
  • Telephone:  +254 020 354 4600.
  • Cell phones: +254 721 629 179



c)Scope of Operations

In order to meet individual client needs, Greencare provides diverse environmental solutions. These include.

  • Waste Management. 
  • Pest Control and Fumigation.
  • Disinfection.
  • Environmental professional service
  • Environmental Remediation.
  • Environmental Aesthetics.
  • Energy alternative 
  • Environmental systems design.
  • Education and awareness creation.

Our clients include; inter alia residences, offices, industrial facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, flower farms, schools and colleges, municipalities, malls, go downs and parks. For pest control, our clients include hotels and restaurants, grain millers, law firms, seed companies, offices and business premises.


 Waste Management

  •  Hazardous Waste, Collection and Disposal
  • Non-Hazardous Collection and Disposal
  • E-waste (Electronic Waste) Collection and Disposal
  • Biodegradable Waste ( in horticultural/agricultural and fresh produce packaging facilities) 
  • Collection and disposalProvision of appropriate waste bins and Exhauster Services. 
  •  Recycling and reuse.

Pest Control and Fumigation

Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Treatment against Termites

Treatment (including baiting) at Residential, Working, Storage, and Recreational facilities against pests like;

  •  Cockroaches 
  •  Termites
  •  Sugar ants
  •  Flies/Mosquitoes
  •  Fleas
  •  Moths
  •  Bed Bugs
  •  Rodents  (Rats/Mice/squirrels)
  •  Snakes
  •  weevils 
  •  Treatment of pet and livestock housing against pests.



  • In ensuring aircrafts are fresh and germ free we supply both Aircraft Deodorants and disinfection sprays.

Environmental professional services

Environmental Impact Assessment

•Greencare conducts Environmental Impact Assessment for proposed and existing projects enabling them to comply with the law.

        Environmental Auditing

•Greencare also carries out Environmental Audit of projects for the purpose of annual submission of to report to the management of the project for intervention and mitigation of adverse environmental effects.

 Environmental Remediation

Where the environment has adversely affected, Greencare provides environmental remediation services. An example of this is rehabilitation of quarries, wastelands, swamps etc.

 Environmental Aesthetics

  •  Landscaping 
  •  Provision and care of indoor plants 
  •  Caring for lawns, flower beds and flower pots/troughsTree, grass and flower planting and management 
  •  Gardening

 Energy alternatives

We provide advisory services to individuals, community groups, organizations etc on energy alternatives. We have a recycled materials charcoal brand known as “chama-kaa” and also install bio-gas plants, solar systems.

 Environmental systems design

We provide design installation and advisory services on environmental systems such as

  • Irrigation systems.
  • Earth dams.
  • Water catchment /Rain water harvesting
  •  Drainage Systems.
  • Sewerage systems.

 Educational and awareness creation

Our organization also partakes in creating awareness within the community, in schools etc on environmental preservation and interdependence a chore undertaken by our team of highly experienced staff.


Some of our clients include, - De La Rue security print limited, Yu Essar Telecom Kenya limited, K-Rep Bank limited, Pact Kenya (NGO), Viazi restaurants limited, Amaya Kenya limited, Agri seedco Kenya limited, The Duke of Edinburgh/President’s Award Kenya, Crayfish Camp Naivasha, PSYS restaurant limited, Arziki UON restaurants, The Njugunas restaurant, Senior common room UON restaurant, International Energy Technik limited, Kenya Data Networks limited, Continental Brands limited, Mathai supermarkets limited, Mbigi Njuguna and Co. advocates, Nduati charagu and Co. Advocates,  individual residences and offices among others.

Exceptional operational and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Greencare Limited the ideal partner of choice in environmental management.

Give us your problem, we get the solutions.




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Our Contacts

Outering Road, Old Donholm
P.O. Box 60714-0020, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254 020 354 4600 - Office
Pest Control Fumigation Department
Cell: +254 721 629 179

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Who We Are

With headquarters in Nairobi Kenya, Greencare Limited provides superior “all in one house” environmental solutions. The modern human life has brought many challenges to the human environment and the environment of all living organisms.

For humans, health challenges have increased. For animals and plants, their environment has been encroached on by human activities. The whole environment has also been severely impacted on by human activities.

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