Waste Bins

Waste Bins

Industrial Bins

industrial bins

660lts and 360lts industrial bins

Read more: Industrial Bins

Large Push Top


Large Push Top: 30lts & 60lts


Peddle 2 Wheel


Peddle 2 Wheel: 100lts | 120lts | 240lts

Sanitary Lever Rotating Bin


Sanitary soft Lever Rotating Bin: 50lts

Peddle Medical waste Bins


Peddle medical waste Bins: 45lts | 60lts

2 in 1 Recycling Bin


2 in 1 Recycling bin: 20lts

Street Waste Recycing Bin


Street waste blue & grey recycling bin: 50lts each

Street waste single blue, green, red & grey recycling bin: 50lts 

Street Bin with a stand & top


Street bin with a stand and top: 50lts

Cigarette Bins


Cigarette Bins

Metal Seperation Bins


Metal Seperation bins lockable with a cigarette tray: 80lts

Closed collection point Recycling station


Closed collection point recycling station: 500lts

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Who We Are

With headquarters in Nairobi Kenya, Greencare Limited provides superior “all in one house” environmental solutions. The modern human life has brought many challenges to the human environment and the environment of all living organisms.

For humans, health challenges have increased. For animals and plants, their environment has been encroached on by human activities. The whole environment has also been severely impacted on by human activities.

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