Waste Bins & Kits

Waste Bins & Kits

We also provide appropriate and stylish waste bins and skips. These are available in various sizes, shapes, colours and materials. These bins are the pedal types, the swing types and the ones with attached lids for ease of use.

These are for:

  1. Hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary clinics.
  2. Washrooms.
  3. Sanitary purposes
  4. Offices
  5. Confidential documents
  6. Kitchens
  7. General non hazardous waste
  8. Hazardous waste
  9. Parks, lawns and walk ways

Hospital bins

Hospitals to reduce the possibility of contamination and for infection control. These are mostly pedal bins or with heat sensor opening mechanism with an internal sleeve for ease of emptying. Some of them have hooks for holding plastic bags The various colours as per the WHO guidelines.

Washrooms bins

bin1The washroom bins are also available in various sizes. They are available with a pedal opening mechanism or with an infra red sensor to open when the hand comes close to the lid.

Sanitary bins

These have the mechanism which opens such that the contents in the bin are obstructed from the user. When waste is placed on the receptacle, it is deposited in the bin on closing.

Office bins

GreenCare provides various types of waste bins ranging from small meshed bins to small and large swing opening mechanism bins.

Confidential documents

For confidential documents that cannot be shredded on site, GreenCare Limited has large metal bins ranging from 50 litres to 800 litres. These bins have multiple secure locking mechanisms and provision for appropriate coding.


For Kitchen waste, GreenCare provides easy to open and easy to clean beans. This are bins of robust construction to avoid any chance of leakage. These come with wheels for ease of moving the waste.

Industrial non-hazardous waste bins/skips

This are mainly handled in metal skips that are easy to use and to empty. They are also constructed to withstand harsh environmental conditions since most of these are located outdoors.

Hazardous waste

For hazardous waste like chemicals, GreenCare provides metal and plastic bins with very secure locking mechanisms and tamper proof seals. These are clearly labelled with the danger and cross bow sign.

Lobby bins

For lobbies where smoking is allowed GreenCare Limited provides bins with stainless steel ash trays. The lobby bins have a small cross sectional area and a suitable height for them to be used without the users straining.

Parks, lawns and walk ways binswheeled bin

These are mainly small bins that are suitable for outdoor use. Where the client prefers blending with the surroundings, the bins are provided in various shades of green. To prevent theft and vandalism where this is likely, painted metal bins are provided with a provision to be chained at their location.

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning department is able to provide round the clock cleaning to lobbies and corridors in malls and other places where there is a large human traffic. For residential areas, GreenCare provides cleaning services for carpets, furniture and car seats outdoors we provide post construction removal of debris and cleaning and sweeping of parking lots and open areas.

Environmental impact assessment

Green Care conducts environmental impact assessment for proposed and existing projects enabling them to comply with the law.

Environmental audit

For the purpose of assessing impacts of human activities to the environment, Green Care carries out formal environmental impact assessment through its team of Lead Experts.

For the purpose of regular monitoring environmental impact we provide environmental audit services

Environmental remediation

Where the environment has adversely affected, Green Care provides environmental remediation services. An example of this is rehabilitation of quarries by filling them with well decomposed organic matter or soil and planting suitable trees and grasses

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With headquarters in Nairobi Kenya, Greencare Limited provides superior “all in one house” environmental solutions. The modern human life has brought many challenges to the human environment and the environment of all living organisms.

For humans, health challenges have increased. For animals and plants, their environment has been encroached on by human activities. The whole environment has also been severely impacted on by human activities.

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